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The Nitty Gritty

Because we have to really. All the boring shit that no one wants to read but you know you have to. Also check out our Frequently Asked Questions below too. 

You do have to book!

Reality is we’re not actually Vegas and you do need to book in a date before heading down to the chapel. I know this is frustrating but it is what it is. We have no control over this.

However if you are doing the legals separate and you are having a celebrant/or someone nearest to you conduct the ceremony then we don’t require as much notice and can get you booked in much sooner…depending on availability!

The legal side of things...

Another question we get asked is…is the ceremony legally binding? Answer is…YES if you want it to be! OR you can do the boring legal stuff down at the registry office separately, either before or after your epic time at Steel City Chapel. 

If you are wanting to get legally married then you need to give 28 days notice at your local council. You then need to book in a registrar with Sheffield City Council. We can help you with this.

But we promise the best time!

It is upto you whether you chose to have a legal ceremony with us or not. What we can promise is that the feeling and vibes from our epic chapel will get you into the swing of what a Vegas elopement is!

 We can get you everything you a certain degree and we promise you will have the best and most unique experience in the UK. Give us that crazy request and watch it become your reality. 



You have question? Have a look below to see if we can answer it and put your mind to rest. And if not, pop us a message over using the form at the bottom of this page. Cheers xo


How many people can we drag along?

If you want to elope and just want it to be the two of you (and us) then that is absolutely fine! Thats what eloping is all about! 


If you want to bring some nearest and dearest then we say a maximum of 10! Remember we are an epic intimate chapel.


Also don’t forget we have the gorgeous Dirty Mirror bar upstairs where we can cram in some extras for after the ceremony!


How soon can we come?

Again, you tell us! 


What can we bring on the day?

The kitchen sink if that’s what you want!


Can I bring my dog?

Absolutely you can! Or your cat, hamster, we welcome all small paws! Oh and children!


So will we be legally married or do we need to do something else?

Completely upto you! You have the option to either have a legal ceremony and have a registrar officiate the ceremony or you can do the legals separate and have a celebrant perform the ceremony. If you need any help or advise please feel free to ask away!


Remember which ever option you chose, we can promise you will have a belter of a ceremony and an experience that will last a lifetime!


What day can we get hitched?

You tell us! Remember we’re not actually Vegas so you can’t just rock up, you need to pre book a slot…however keep your eyes peeled for our super fun shotgun wedding days😉 


Any more questions?

Brilliant ask away, drop us an email at or fill out the enquiry form


So who marries us?

if you are having a legal ceremony then this will be officiated by a registrar.

If you are doing the legals separate and coming to us for an epic ceremony then you will need to book in a celebrant. We can help with this as we know some mega ones who will make sure you an unforgettable experience.

Still have questions?

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